Fast food franchise: Investment progress in India


The fast food franchise market is likely to expand significantly and there will be ample opportunities in the coming year. Globally,the fast food industry has been reshaped with the entry of number of small and medium scale enterprises. Modern-day consumers play major role in the transformation of foodservice sector, in addition evolution of QSR (quick service restaurants) in densely populated regions reflects the demand of ready-to-eat meals.To endure competition, some players are experimenting with existing business models in terms of menu, flavours, ingredients and pricing. The change in consumption patter in semi-urban and rural areas is also encouraging fast food players to explore untapped opportunities in Indian marketplace.

The on-going growth of ready-to-eat meals market in India is driven fundamentally by various factors including globalization, urbanization, income level and demographic profile. Over last one decade remarkable investment has been registered in terms of profitability and production, in addition international players have captured maximum market share and they also collaborate with Indian companies to expand franchise network. Choices and preferences of consumers continue to evolving, the extraordinary expansion of fast food market in all over the world is tremendous.

Box-o-burger – the profitable franchise opportunity

Box-o-burger is profifient fast food franchise brand which is incorporated with an objective to cater consumers’ need of fresh and hygiene cuisines. This Indore-based brand is all set to create history as it is planning to penetrate local markets with awesome concepts and delicious menu. No doubt US based brand –McDonalds have ruled fast food industry for a decade but as of now new players have outpaced world no.1 brand. Box-o-burger – the next generation foodservice brand will definitely become most valuable entity and create better dining experience. At present, around 40% of population like to eat vegan fast foods and to leverage growth some brands consistently take feedback from customers in order to improve services.

It goes without saying that lifestyle of today’s consumer is busy and they have no time for cooking. After hectic schedule, people want to enjoy delicious food and demand for fun environment as well. Apart from this, consumers belong to age group 20 to 35 are willing to spend huge amount on food and entertainment. Hence both global and national players are targeting children and youngsters effectively. Box-o-burger is new to the market, it is also facing challenges but strong business model and strategies are strength of this Indian style brand.

Technological impact

Penetration of smart phone is good for progress of fast food industry, for instance several online food delivery start-ups such as swiggy, Food Panda, Zomato, etc. Digitalization has significantly created profitable business opportunities especially in the fast food franchise sector. In the course of last five years, growth of online food delivering companies is outstanding and there will be more in foreseeable future. To create better brand, it would be critical to implement latest technologies and listen to customers need. Box-o-burger is committed to deliver natural ingredient based cuisines and constantly bring wide range of recipes on the dining table.

India is a vast country, there are number of tier 2 and 3 cities where global brands don’t think to appoint franchise outlet. On the other hand, growing awareness among people for ready-to-eat snacks such as burger, pizza, corn cupzand French fries opened doors to profitable business opportunities. In the short span of two years, Box-o-burger has already appointed franchisees in major cities such as Delhi and Pune. If you want to become boss of your own fast food outlet then Box-o-burger is right as well as cost-effective option.



Increasing penetration of fast food franchise in India


India’s strong economic growth over the past few years has led to foundation of number of brands in the foodservice industry.   Expansion of fast food industry is quite remarkable; several global brands have gained popularity while franchising route remains cost-effective. It goes without saying that India has one of the largest consumer bases and majority of population is young which a significant factor, is alsomotivates well-established fast food franchises. Fast food sales in India is boosting owing to consistent demand of ready-to-eat meals, moreover inclusion of nutrient-based ingredients could be a good move. There is tremendous potential for fast food business in India, according to recent reports. McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza are perfect example of successful start-up of fast food franchise in India.

Restaurant industry is contributing to Indian economy and generates huge number of employment opportunities each year. Favourable demographic profile and inclination of people towards fast foods is quite interesting, in addition high pocket consumers are seeking more flavours. At present, approx. 3000 small, medium and large scale fast food franchisees which are growing steadily in Indian marketplace. This number may increase in forthcoming year as young consumers want to experience scrumptious and awesome foods. Box-o-burger is flagship brandthat offers wide range of low investment models, apart from this;Indian style cuisines cater customer needs.

To start your own business, you must consider latest trends, local taste and price. Box-o-burger is looking to appoint new franchisees in different geographic location; you can apply for franchise in any location without any problem. The fast food franchise has recently opened outlet in Delhi which is running successfully and create effective customer footfall. You can serve delicious cuisines to customers, develop cost-effective foodservice format and deliver healthy foods. Become part of India’s best fast food franchise family.

How to develop fast food franchise business plan


Consumer expenditure for ready-to-eat snacks in India is enhancing continuously and the number of eating destinations including fast food franchises, cafes, gourmet restaurants, etc. has shown tremendous growth. Food spending is increasing year-by-year, as compared to normal days consumption of fast foods is more on weekends and festive occasions. After targeting high income individuals, fast food operators appeal medium income and lower medium income society. The main of global fast food brand is touch every part of Indian society, in a recent survey it is observed that people belong to age group 20 to 45 intake fast food on a regular basis. Eating out in QSRs (quick service restaurants) still remains common habit of Indians; they like to taste western cuisines and want to embrace quick foodservice formats. Children also show great interest in fast food and enjoy tasty burgers, pizzas or other snacks.

Market dissection

Before considering starting fast food franchise, it is essential to find out right target audience. For example, popular brands always pay attention to location because a perfect foodservice destination can pull more customers. Market can be segmented as primary and secondary customers, in India primary customers include age group that frequently visit fast food outlet and secondary that occasionally choose QSRs for eating-out. People in metros, tier 1, 2 and 3 cities consume burgers or French fries while shopping and during quick parties’ fast food are best alternative to quench hunger. Tourism also affects production and consumption of ready-to-eat snacks in India, for instance global visitors travel to popular destination seeksfast foods as well.

Target market strategy:

Fast food players intend to cater needs of youngsters and children hence age group from 20 to 35 is primary audience while people belong to 35 and above age prefer heavy meals. In order to attract consumers pricing must be fair as well as the quality.


Customer needs:

Due to busy lifestyle people prefer ready-to-serve foods and wants variety of snacks to quench their hunger. Entertaining and fun environment is what people expect from QSR players. After burger and pizza, French fries is most consumed by people so several operators have come up with different flavours. Significant market growth can be attributed to increased income level, urbanization, changing eating habits and


Fast food franchise: A profitable business segment


The competition in fast food industry is fierce and new concepts have gaining momentum as today’s customers reluctant to on-going cuisines. Fast food brands come up with awesome ideas and strategies to cater needs of customers; in addition people engaged in corporate jobs are regular eaters of ready-to-eat snacks. In the one decade, McDonalds with its strong business strategy and customer service become household name in the fast food industry, and as of 2018, there are plenty of brands that serve customers effectively. This massive growth shows that how customers consumption pattern affects foodservice industry. Franchise systems make everything simple for well-established brands; in fact it is cost-effect and easiestway to spread business in different geographic location.

Options in market

Global fast food industry is dominated by major brands including Burger King, Domino’s pizza, pizza hut, McDonalds and Subway. They consistently invest in research and development activities to serve customers with delicious menu. These brands don not offer single unit franchise hence small pocket entrepreneurs have to search to other options. At present, Box-o-burger is emerged out as most-valuable and high quality brand; it is expanding roots in Indian marketplace. Overall, it’s a good idea to start fast food franchise outlet in India as young generation want to embrace latest trends. Quick service restaurant sector has changed a lot with inclusion of mobile app and effective loyalty programs to attract customers.

In order to develop successful fast food franchise business, one must research on target audience to evaluate what they are seeking in menu and whether they are price sensitive or not. Box-o-burger’s experience team will definitely help you out in finding perfect location and it also assist in store set up. Low investment model, world class, finest services and higher profit margin is what you can expect at Box-o-burger.

The simple steps for establishing fast food franchise


If you are looking for something exciting and delicious recipes, you must consider a fast food restaurant especially to quench your hunger instantly. The main aspects of today’s consumers are to find out best foodservice destination where they not only enjoy food but also get relax. All traditional restaurants hold reputation to produce local cuisines by using natural ingredients; on the other fast food franchises deliver western products. Satisfaction is important when you are about to starting a fast food business; carefully research all necessary things before finalizing any brand. The best franchisor will always help you in every section of business and recommend various ways to increase sales and profitability. Here are steps that you must focus on:

  1. Effective business plan: Each company has its own unique business model in order to attract customers. Needless to say food industry is already crowded with lots of small and medium scale brands thus it is up to you to find right business partner. In franchising, franchisor offers support in various things, it is your responsibility to run food store smoothly. You need to develop managerial skills to handle employees to your store. Apart from this, you can hire store manager as well.
  2. Look for present stores: You must visit to franchise store which are running successfully claimed by franchisor. Check what kind of process adopted by store manager and try to get idea of customer footfall in a particular day. A practical experience is necessary to know operational efficiency. For example, several fast food franchise brands give preference to customer choice and developed cuisines accordingly.
  3. Online availability: Fast food means quick services, quality snacks and mouth-watering recipes. Online delivery system and digital menu are latest trends that must be acknowledged. Customers want to experience awesome foods at reasonable, prepare rate list as per consumption pattern in your preferred location.
  4. Outstanding location: Fast food restaurants are lovely way to get socialize with closed ones. Hence a perfect location can be profitable andadd value to your store. Customers are always looking for convenient stores where they can reach easily even with public transportation. Location matters the most to pull large number of customers.
  5. Standard procedures: Freshness and cleanliness are two significant parameters that must be considered. With standard operating procedures you can achieve desired goals and objectives. In this global business environment it is critical to embrace technology as well as latest trends.

Fast food industry in all over the world is growing steadily, as of 2018 taste and choice of customers have changed a lot so companies shifted whole business model as per current business environment. For instance McDonalds, the world no.1 has introduced McAloo tiki to impress India customers. In addition several local brands are focusing mainly on delivering amazing cuisines of Indianized version. It is true that fast food industry is lucrative, every year production and consumption is quite outstanding.

Box-o-burger – moneymaking opportunities

Box-o-burger is leading fast food franchise brand which has done extensive research to give Indian twist to western cuisines. The brand provides different types of fast food recipes including burgers, pizzas, French fries and corn cupz. It goes without saying that; food industry is expanding at rapid rate especially fast food sectoris burgeoning significantly. 100% customer satisfaction is necessary to create better dining experience, apart from this;traditional Indian restaurants are also offering wide range of cuisines. So you start own fast food brand easily on becoming franchise partner of Box-o-burger. It is one of the best opportunities to generate great revenues.

Indulge in fast food franchise culture of India


Over past few years, ready-to-eat meals market in India is burgeoning and there is significant room for new players to establish world-class stores. Both global and national investors are consistently analysing consumption pattern in order to develop delicious dishes. Basic formula to pull customers is to offer quality products and it is possible when natural ingredients used to prepare cuisines. Recently number of global brands has announced expansion plans in Indian marketplace because they saw amazing prospect in local markets. As per latest reports, consumption of healthy snacks is increasing and due to busy lifestyle consumers want to eat best foods at reasonable rates. A great menu will create difference as fast food industry is already dominated by existing brands. Various things that must be considered:

  1. Marketing: Every fast food franchise brand has implemented fascinating marketing strategies. Modern-day consumers want something special and exciting; it is responsibility of restaurant joints to cater their demands. Promotional activities such as loyalty programs and combo meals are helping companies a lot. During weekends consumption of fast foods such as burgers and pizzas has been increasing, however in India people order fast meals whenever they want to throw quick party.


  1. Interiors: Quality and services are important parameter that decides future of any food brand. Interiors, colour combination and dining tables are also underlying things that need to be addressed. At various fast food outlets, you can see fascinating design and themes.


  1. Social media: Customer engagement in today’s competitive environment is vital, moreover social media platform is emerged out as profitable and cost-effective route. For example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter used to promote products or services in all over the world.


  1. Quick services: The charm of fast food is increasing due to online delivery system. Hence it is necessary to deliver quick services.

Challenges faced by fast food franchise players


The foodservice industry is changing dramatically;consumers are looking for healthier products and intense rivalry is being observed among food operators. Busy lifestyle and increasing awareness for international products has been responsible for significant growth of fast food industry in India. No doubt ready-to-eat meals available at QSRs are unhealthy due to usage of chemical-based preservatives, on the other hand some brands are shifting menu to healthy options. Overall there are various challenges that need to be addressed in order to increase profitability. Fast food franchise sector is still profitable as new players have come up with customized menu.

  1. Intensifying competition: At present, number of fast food brands have established franchise network in various parts of the world, moreover they are trying to penetrate Indian markets. Each brand is performing strong to create differentiated products so that consumers can be served effectively. In India small and medium side local brands have developed amazing varieties of fast foods to attract small pocket customers.
  2. Automation: Digitalization and artificial intelligence are major point of discussion nowadays. To increase productivity some brands have already introduced automation to cut down cost on several operational activities such as food ordering process and employment. Each brand isn’t capable enough to embrace latest trends hence it is one of the challenging factors.
  3. Demand of natural and organic ingredients: Consumers are demanding cuisines prepared through natural ingredients, moreover they want quick, convenient and affordable foodservice destinations. Each fast food franchise playerswant to dominate market, focusing on to grab large chunk of market share.
  4. Marketing concepts: A number of fast food joints have developed effective marketing strategies such as combo meals, loyalty programs, public events, discounts, coupons, gift cards, etc. On weekends you can find different types of offers and health focus products at reasonable rates. Apart from this, social media is emerged out as biggest platforms to engage with potential and existing customers.
  5. Profit margin: Cost of fast food recipes is low hence profit margin is high. Every brand that offers franchise is attracting investors by developing outstanding revenue models.
  6. Fear of business loss:With increasing fast food brands in all over the world, it is quite difficult for a single brand to rule whole industry. For example, in earlier time McDonalds is sole market leader and in recent phase players like Domino’s pizza, Box-o-burger, pizza hut and Burger King has attracted lots of customers.
  7. Customer preferences: Healthier foods aren’t only expectation of customers. It is essential for food operators to develop fast online delivery system as well and consistently implement new strategies in existing business models to create effective customer experience. For example, In India each state has its own unique food culture so fast food brands must prepared snacks that give local taste.
  8. Set up cost:Owing to competition, each brand want to build innovative store where customer can order food, enjoy leisure time with friends and family members. Cost of interior set up, branding and furniture are points of discussion.

Fast food industry continually reinventing due to massive competition, in addition global players has adopted modern-day trends to satisfy their customers. New products are introduced, prepared with natural ingredients and green vegetables. Digital technologies help entrepreneurs in developing online delivery process and payment gateway. Box-o-burger is leading fast food brand that also offers low investment fast food franchise opportunities have developed amazing cuisines. All products are made of natural ingredients and special care has been taken in food preparation techniques. To start new fast food business you must consider above mentioned points.